Kaminitro after eating a shake?

Kaminitro== Origins

The begginings of Kaminitro are only folk tales, crazy elderly people, or hipsters that browse reddit. He has been seen on the yacht sailing around with LemonFont and his crew in tow. However the activities of Kaminitro are even harder to find than proof of his existance.


It is said that Kaminitro is really from the future where /v/ wasn't really a shitty place for vidya games. The after math of the internet wars leaving a massive shit storm allowing for him to travel through time only backwards like a terminator though. Interesting enough Kaminitro's body shaping abilities are close to many goo creatures in fantasy though citing is necessary.

It is said that his goo like body can hold an infinite amount of victims in his hold at will the only thing from stopping this creature from consuming the world like Katmari Damacy is the fact of sexual gradifcation from his victims. It is suspected that he may live in fenoxo's dungeon on the bottom decks of the ship where ever they need to rid of victims they claim on their trips port to port.