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Self portrait of Jaques00


Jacques00, the notable artist orginating from the depths of the unknown, quickly grew to fame on websites such as Process Productions, 4chan, and Furaffinity. He is one of the many artist whom reddit wishes but failed to do so. It is speculated that he is French but others suggest he even may be from India. Unlike Dmitrys he never sold out for money. It is said that he may show his true form but that would represent the End of Days. He has shown interest that he does love large breasts but in all honestly, who doesn't?

His age and location are unknown and is currently being tracked down by NATO and KGB. On offical notes his existance is offically classified as a modern day boogey man who only shows up to deliver art, then disappearing into the void he once came. It is impossible to keep track of every piece of work he has done because there is always another hidden away.

It is heavily suggested that he himself may be a Futanari like the ones depicted in most of his art, never revealing himself to the outside world in order to prevent the transformative virus spreading to others, as his stories portray. Only time will tell what fate he has in store for our world.