Fenoxo on a bad day.

Fenoxo== Fenoxo is known as the coder and brain behind CoC. He browses 4chan and favors /d/, /v/ and /vg/. Like Lemonfont he is also wanted by reddit but since they are all unoriginal fags they cannot afford him. He is known to have many women and children through out the world. His fandom originally grew from his first flash game which none of us remenber the name of. He travels the world producing CoC and impregnating women to further his cause. No one really knows how long his friendship between Lemonfont and himself orginated most speculate the outcome was the first dwarf star. Also wanted by NATO, and the Catholic church for heresy.

Rumors and unconfirmed whispers:

Some of the old ones claim that he could be the "one who waits behind the walls."

Also he may start a new H game with a collaberation of artist and friends.

An abuser of crowd-funding. Fenoxo has made a Scrooge Mcduck like coin pool of furgold.